Search instructions

To enter the 'search'-button with all fields blank will display all records in the database. The 'reset search'-button will clear all fields. It's the shortest way to reset all search conditions to start a new search.

Please use an % as a substitute for any number of characters in a word.

For example, the search for Ru% in the genus field will result in all genus starting with 'Ru' such as Ruschia.
The search for collector Hartmann will result in all records of specimen collected by her alone, whereas %Hartmann% will display all records of specimen where Hartmann participated in, like 'Hartmann, Dehn etc' or 'Ihlenfeldt, Hartmann etc.'

To search for records of specimen collected in a certain country you can use the dropdown list in this field.
All countries of which collections are recorded in the database are included and will regularly be updated if you insert a new collection.

In the 'Order by'-dropdown list you can order the results as it is most convenient to you.

You can also choose how many results are to be displayed.

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